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iNAS is hosted on Microsoft Azure, serving mainly the Small and Medium Enterprises and schools in the region. Not only can iNAS help you with secure data storage, but it also provides a platform for you and your colleagues to share and manage the company files. Be it the need for safe confidential information encryption or simple paper-based office premises, iNAS is the hand you reach out to.
iNAS by Unissoft Technology

and Use Cases

ASM Pacific Technology Limited

√ Finance DMS
√ SAP extension
√ Higher degree of integration among various departments
√ Classification of different types of documents

Watsons Personal Care Stores

√ pFile DMS
√ Peoplesoft DMS
√ Centralization of scattered files
√ Classification of files made searching easier
√ Automated process of scanning

Techtronic Industries Company Limited

√ DMS for Shipping Department and Finance Department
√ Better channeling of files among departments
√ Improved connection with customers
√ Automated scanning and classification of documents

Wai Chi Electronic Limited

√ DMS for DCC Department
√ ISO QMS documentation
√ Convenient scanning of paper documents
√ Secured storage of confidential files
√ Automated scanning and sharing of files among the company

CITIC Telecom International Company

√ DMS for Customer Services Department
√ Strengthened security of sensitive scanned paperwork
√ Reduced time of file-search by automatic classification
√ Increased bonding between departments’ shared files


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Our Founder

Aldous Ng, CEO

Having a vision of “turning vast information into vital assets” for the Records Lifecycle Management, Aldous has been driving the product development to consolidate both the DMS (Document Management Software) and RMS (Records Management Software) into one single ERKS platform since 2010. He was also the founder of VITOVA, a leading DMS company based in Hong Kong in 1996. Under his leadership, VITOVA was named the Best ISV by Microsoft Hong Kong in 2005, 2007 and 2009. Aldous successfully sold out VITOVA to CDC Software (NASDAQ: CDCS) in April 2010. In terms of community services, Aldous was the Vice President of Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO) in 2008-2010. He also served as the Chairman of the Information and Software Industry Association (ISIA) in 2006 – 2009.

In March 2017, Aldous was selected as the Distinguished Alumni Award Winner for the 25th Anniversary for the Faculty of Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Aldous Ng