Frequently Asked Questions

01. Do I need to pay to start using iNAS?

No. You can try our system at zero cost in the first year of using the system.

02. What happens after the first year of usage?

You would be able to continue using the service in a pay-as-you-go pricing system. Please contact our sales team for more details.

03. Can I access iNAS through mobile devices?

Yes. iNAS WebDAV supports android and iOS devices. You could download a designated application from the store and access your storage anywhere anytime.

04. Can I restore accidentally deleted files?

Yes. iNAS is equipped with file recovery functions, so you would be able to access the accidentally deleted files too.

05. Can I download files on iNAS in bulk?

Yes. We offer customised solutions for clients with special requirements on iNAS infrastructure and basic capabilities.

06. Can I see who made the latest update in a particular file?

Yes. iNAS is equipped with an audit trail for all documents saved in our storage system, so you could easily see who and when previous updates were made.

07. How can I access iNAS?

iNAS supports both desktop application and website access.

08. How do I know if iNAS is suitable for our team?

We offer various pricing plans to corporations in different sizes and customised solutions to our clients. Please kindly contact our sales team for further enquiries.